Bill Toms & Hard Rain

“While it’s hard to put a finger on any one sound that defines “American music,” the compositions of Bill Toms are as close a template as any. The Pittsburgh native, along with his band Hard Rain, delivers a sound that takes the greatest of America’s most beloved genres and melds them into a poetic representation of the best the country has to offer. Bill Toms captures the American conscious with thoughtfulness, honesty, and a groove that keeps the tail feathers moving.

Rock-and-soul master Bill Toms returns with a beautiful message of healing and hope in the face of despair. “Man’s Soul Is on Trial” oozes a soothing grace as Toms gently pleads for unity over division. It’s a message for the times and a sublime step forward for the artist. Can’t wait to hear the rest of his coming album.”
— Nick Cristiano, The Philadelphia Inquirer