Guitar Zack

Guitar Zack is a Pittsburgh-born blues and rock guitar prodigy who started playing at 13. His family’s encouragement and early exposure to the blues and classic rock helped him develop a natural talent for the guitar. Zack’s blues expertise was evident from a young age, as he wowed audiences at open-stage performances across the city.

Zack’s big break came when he won the Albert King Award at the 2006 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, and later placed second in Guitar Center’s “King of the Blues Contest” in Los Angeles. He went on to tour with legendary guitarist Steve Vai and was included on the accompanying DVD and vinyl releases.

In addition to playing with many notable artists, such as B.B. King and Bruce Springsteen, Zack has also played in Pittsburgh’s vibrant blues scene with musicians like Billy Price, Donnie Iris, and The Granati Brothers. With his exceptional talent and deep love for the blues, Guitar Zack continues to make a mark in the music industry.